Cleaning Your Waistbands Without Waste

May 25, 2017

Many people are working on living a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Simple changes in your own home can pay dividends for both the earth and your wallet. Here at Get Fresh Laundry, we are constantly working to move towards a zero-waste business model.



For our customers, we offer HE machines for effective cleaning using fewer utility resources. Single-use products, such as detergent boxes are a thing of the past in our stores! We provide reusable cups to our customers for filling up detergents from a dispenser. The bathrooms at Get Fresh Laundry use low flow toilets, and the lights in our storage areas are on a timer to ensure minimal electricity is used. Our tidy facility is cleaned daily by staff using rags instead of disposable paper towels.


These are all just things that our beloved customers can see firsthand at our Kingsway location. There are even more behind the scenes actions that we are taking to lighten our load. We recycle all materials as allowed by the municipality, and our staff uses recycled paper for administrative work.


To stay alert and perky, our employees consume their daily coffee in a reusable cup, forgoing Styrofoam which doesn’t break down in the environment. For our delivery clients, we provide reusable nylon drawstring bags instead of plastic. Additionally, receipts and invoices are paperless and sent via email.



As we go about our day here at Get Fresh Laundry, our staff is hard at work thinking of new, exciting, and zero-waste ways for brightening your tomorrows, one laundry load at a time.

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